Business Opportunities with PV Sector

Indian economy is clearly following the typical trend of any growing economy. In such a scenario the Renewable Energy sector isn’t behind. The demand right now remains unprecedented and the future can get only sunnier

These are avenues in Solar photovoltaic technology -
  • Component Manufacturing - Module, Cells and Wafers
  • Product Manufacturing - Electronics, Luminaries, allied materials
  • Solar Farming - Generation of captive and grid electricity using PV techniques

PV Business verticals in detail

Each of these businesses has varying levels of investment, gestation period and financial returns.

  • Manufacture of Modules
    • Module is a bank of solar cells mounted on a substrate and connected together to generate electricity
    • Assembly of Modules involves capability of skilled electronic and mechanical manufacturing
    • Labor intensive operations using basic skilled manpower
    • Low investment and gestation period with a relatively low returns
    • Direct access to end market that has a huge requirement

  • Manufacture of Products
    • These products support the deployment of PV technology
    • Allied power devices such as Inverters using batteries or direct grid connect types, batteries, tracking controllers, tracking mechanisms, charging controllers and others
    • Module frames, EVA substrates, safety cover glass, junction boxes, busbars for the solar modules and others
    • Products that use PV technology such as solar street lights, emergency lights, traffic signals, luminaries and others
    • Labour intensive operation using basic skilled manpower
    • Medium investment with low gestation period resulting in medium returns
    • Direct marketing of products to end users as well as retail sales

  • Manufacture of Wafers
    • This is the basic silicon material that is used to make solar cells
    • Wide application
    • High investment with high returns
    • Needs clean high technology facilities
    • Assured markets
    • Needs skilled manpower
    • Medium gestation period
    • Energy intensive operations and need of uninterrupted power supply

  • Manufacturing of Cells
    • Solar cells has an easy captive market
    • High investment and high technology
    • Longer gestation period but with highest returns
    • Energy intensive needs with reliable no-break power supply
    • Needs skilled manpower

  • Solar Power generation or Solar Farming
    • Utilizing vast tracts of wasteland
    • Relatively maintenance free after installation
    • The generated power can be used for captive use or sold to the electricity grid
    • The peak output of the solar farm coincides with the peak period of electricity demand
    • Medium investment with medium returns
    • Needs less number of skilled manpower
    • Low gestation period

  • Financing
    • An evolving sector is based around the vast finance needed by the burgeoning solar sector
    • Assured business and steady returns
    • High profitability
    • Better return on investment than several other avenues